A cabinet is simply a large box-like piece of furniture having doors and/ or drawers for storage of various items. A variety of cabinets are available today. Some cabinets are large stand-alone units while others are attached to a side wall or are entire walls of a building. Most cabinets are made of plywood, metal, or wood. Wood cabinets have the most options and are usually the most expensive.


The main characteristic of a cabinet is its doors and drawers. Usually there is one door on each side of the cabinet. The cabinet doors may be built into the plywood or they may be attached. The hardware that goes along with the cabinets is usually a sliding plate or knobs. The drawers are either fixed or removable.

The major feature of cabinets today is their styles and shapes. There are now cabinets with a variety of different shapes including; elliptical, rectangular, square, and oval. There are also cabinets that attach to the wall and have no side or end posts. These cabinets are called blank or solid-surface cabinets.

All cabinets have at least one drawer in each side. There are also double and triple drawer cabinets. Most cabinets have one or more door openings. There are many styles of cabinet doors; however the most common is a hinged cabinet door or a glass-fronted cabinet door. Hinged cabinets allow more light to enter the room because the doors don’t have solid sides and the light is allowed to enter through the front instead of just the back.

Other types of cabinets feature an open space below the drawers, called a base cabinet. These cabinets often have one or two doors, depending on the style and type of base cabinet. Some base cabinets have four or more doors. Base cabinets that feature an open space under the drawers are called “low-profile”. Other types of base cabinets have more solid sides, but the doors are not as prominently displayed as those of the above-mentioned styles.

Cabinets that are part of the built-in cabinetry system have a built-in face frame or shelf. Face frames are usually made from particle board and the shelves or cabinets feature either plywood or veneer. Face frame cabinetry is not easily opened, although some newer styles have a pull-out drawer feature.

One of the most common construction methods used for cabinets today is the cabinet-style construction method. This is the most popular of all construction methods and is also the least expensive. The materials needed to build a cabinet-style cabinet are the same as those used to build a traditional, built-in, cabinet. The difference lies in the face frame, which is made up of particleboard rather than veneer.

Construction methods such as the cabinet-style, self-rimming, under-the-door-deck, and inset drawers are among the most popular types of built-in cabinets in use today. They differ from base cabinets in that they can have standard cabinet heights but may also feature a hinged door or drawer set in the front of the drawers. Self-rimming cabinets use a lip or flush rim over the opening to conceal the contents of the drawers. Under-the-door-deck units are installed inside the walls of a home and can feature a lip or flush rim along the opening to hide the contents of the drawers, while inset cabinetry is installed on the outside of walls. These units can also have standard cabinet heights and can include a vented opening.

Materials used to make the interior trim also play an important role in cabinetry design. Low-quality kitchen cabinets are made from thin pieces of plywood with glued-on veneer, whereas high-quality kitchen cabinets are made from solid wood with joints that have been precision sanded and sealed. The exterior finish of cabinet surfaces can either be a smooth, matte, or stained. Some people prefer to match their cabinets with their countertops, while others may choose to have a completely different color for their cabinets and countertop.

Aside from the appearance, one of the main reasons people purchase cabinetry is to increase the functionality of their kitchen. The number of cabinets available will vary depending on the size and layout of the room. For example, if you only have a small kitchen space, you may only need a few storage shelves installed in your cabinets. On the other hand, if you have a spacious kitchen, you may need several hundred cabinets. In addition to the actual cabinet structure, the materials used to construct the cabinets will also have a huge impact on how well your cabinets perform their functions.

It is important to understand the difference between solid wood and laminate when choosing cabinets. While both types of cabinets are used for kitchen purposes, solid wood cabinets are usually heavier than laminate. In addition, solid wood cabinets are more expensive because they are made from larger pieces of wood. Laminate cabinets are made from smaller pieces of wood, making them cheaper and more affordable for most people. There are even some laminate cabinets that look like solid wood. Get in touch with professional kitchen Cabinets Bakersfield for a free quote.